360 Tours

Putting viewers on the spot

New surroundings visualised in a familiar format: 360° tours are the ideal way to show off what’s taking shape. Easy to use, easy to share, the files can be viewed on any device.



Adding information spots is a great way of showing off certain products and features. You can include images and text to inform your viewer of the finer details to ensure they have all the relevant information in front of them to make an informed decision.


Hotspot & Floorplans

Generating multiple panoramic tours throughout a building, reduces the limitations that a predefined walkthrough creates. The hotspots and floorplan feature provide a virtual link between individual rooms and floors allowing for easy navigation at your own leisure. Simply click on a hotspot and you will be teleported to that space.



360° tours can be sent to clients or teammates and can be password protected if necessary. They can be viewed with or without an internet connection making it suitable for group demonstrations on a large screen, where you can discuss and explore the space together, or viewing onsite using a tablet for a quick reminder of the layout.