Walkthroughs and Flyovers

Adding impact to your visualisations

Add the ‘wow’ factor with an interactive presentation, using any digital device to taking viewers on a 3D journey of their future environment.


Space Plan & Design

The foundations of an animated presentation are crucial to the success of the final video impression. We will produce a practical workplace solution that encompasses your company’s requirements and brand, both in the design and functionality of the space.



The path is the journey the viewer will take around the digital office for about 60 seconds.
This condensed timeframe gives emphasis on the most important features and elements within the design that are of the highest interest to the decision-makers, employees and/or investors.



Using video editing software, we can overlay elements; such as voice-over, images, and annotations; so that all parties are supplied with the same relevant project information. This digital presentation can be shared via email and viewed on any portable device or presented on a screen.