What is your office design style?

Posted by Diane, 2 years ago

No matter what your requirements are, we can create an office design that ticks all the boxes. Whether you want a specific style and themed interior or maybe you’ve had an influx of new starters and need more working areas, we will work with you to create the perfect environment for you or your clients.

We provide a selection of visual tools to help you promote the new and transformed space. 2D and 3D plans can be combined with the more eye-catching high-quality renders and panoramic 360° tours.

2D Plan: Basic Drawing / Colour Drawing

A basic Office Design Style
A slightly more fleshed out Office Design Style

3D Overview: Hidden Lines / Shaded / Realistic

Our basic outline of a 3D Office Design Style
Adding additional textures to create a better 3D Office Design Style
Our fully realised 3d Office Design Style

3D Render: Sketchy / Shaded / Realistic

A first rendering of a VR Office Design Style
A more textured 3D Office Design Style
A realistic 3D Office Design Style

Walkthrough Tour

See our 3D walkthrough Office Design Style

Panoramic 360° Tour

Our panoramic 3D Office Design Style

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