Camira Fabrics were receiving an increased number of enquiries for seamless textured images for use within 3D rendering software. They were struggling to find a reliable and cost-effective resource to create these high-end tileable images; we were able to offer them a solution.


Whilst considering pattern repeats, we scanned sections from a supplied physical material sample to convert it into a digital format. The scaled duplicate was digitally edited to remove imperfections and colour corrected to produce a high-resolution image true to its authentic tone. By carefully removing subtle shadowing and aligning distorted edges; that would otherwise distract from the overall image, we were able to create digital material samples that would seamlessly tile across the surface of any CAD object. Camira Fabrics are now able to give their customers instant online access to digital materials that are a reliable representation of real-world fabrics. CAD libraries for Revit, pCon and SketchUp are also readily available.

Our customers are thrilled with the high-resolution tileable fabric scans and modelling files we can now provide. These images were supplied promptly, and in all the formats we require, going above and beyond to ensure the scans we receive are the most accurate representation of our fabrics.
Natalie Metcalfe
Graphic Designer, Camira Fabrics.