Diane Butterworth Ltd is an international CAD agency providing digital support to commercial manufacturers, specialising in moveable furniture assets. Digital support includes, but is not limited to, Revit Family Creation, Space Planning and Interior Design, and Building Information Modelling (BIM) Project Management.

The roles we undertake within a BIM project includes creating/placing BIM objects, adding/updating product data and collaborating with contractors within a Common Data Environment (CDE).

We are committed to following both British and International standards (PAS 1192-7 and ISO 19650) and maintaining a high level of technical understanding by attending industry-specific forums, working groups, and implementing a comprehensive training structure for our whole team.

Diane Butterworth Ltd understands its responsibly within the workplace and office furniture industry to be a champion of BIM, implement digitalisation, and be an expert to those requiring BIM support. Our aim is to be a UK industry leader among furniture manufacturers and resellers in providing guidance and/or taking full responsibility for their BIM journey.

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