NU Creative, a creative agency from East London, were looking to upsize to an open plan industrial style office. The space needed to reflect their brand whilst supporting a layout that complimented their working style. As a design, brand and digital agency, it was key that the space encouraged creativity and provided areas for both brainstorming and focused working.


When it comes to space planning, there’s no better way to understand the space like a site visit. Not only does it simplify logistics like obtaining site measurements, but it also allows you to meet the people who thrive within the space.

We drew up several configurations in pursuit of the most efficient use of this space, but the winner was clear in the end. We were thrilled to partner with Rowan Joseph Ltd, a bespoke metal fabricator, to custom design and manufacture key feature products to the client’s specification and budget.

We were looking for someone to help suggest layouts for our space and provide 3D images so we could visualise the space and work out what furniture we needed. As a small business, we did not have a huge budget for a full fit-out service, but we knew it was important to get the space right and do as much with it as possible.

Working with Diane Butterworth Ltd was a smooth and essential process, from the initial client meeting to the final design concept. Our requirements were understood and translated successfully into a 2D layout and 3D images that enabled us to visualise our new space before purchasing furniture
Tim Lindsay
Managing Director, NU Creative.