Revit Families

High-quality digital modelling for your products

Forget generic digital models, you can now have your own Revit family created by us, the UK’s leading provider. Perfect for compliance, BIM and meeting tender requirements.



Generic models within drawings should now be replaced by measurable real-life digital products fit for purpose. Building a digital catalogue gives designers and architects the flexibility of parametric files, provides sales staff with accurate scheduling, and installation teams access to up to date drawings on the go.



Using accurate product specifications and reference images, we create high quality parametric Revit Families that can then be exported to other widely used software, such as AutoCAD and SketchUp. As the furniture and interior products need to be a good representation of the true piece, we ensure all unique details and features are included within the models.



Due to high quality modelling, stunning scenes and product renders can be produced quickly within Revit Architecture, thus enhancing the communication of an environment when presenting to a client. Hidden beneath the model is a digital footprint of the product, relevant NBS data, and your company’s credentials; all of which remain within the product throughout its life.